Adicomdays 2017 : first encounter of the african key web influencers in Paris


Carried by TOTEM EXPERIENCE and HOPSCOTCH AFRICA, two communication consultancy firms specializing in Africa, ADICOMDAYS is the meeting point for digital communication in Africa;
Aims to Highlight as well as digital actors active on the continent such as major brands, communication agencies, etc;
This first edition took place at the headquarters of Business France in Paris, on the theme « Brand Content and Marketing of influence: engines of digital Africa »


  • Design, organization and implementation of the entire event
  • Mobilization of all the teams and skills on the missions of medias relations, public relations and event management that made possible the success of this event


  • More than 30 influencers who represent a digital community of more than 3,700,000 people,
    300 participants from a dozen African countries,
  • About thirty international and Pan-African media present,
  • Over 700 tweets, 2,100,000 impressions on Twitter

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